Stren Drives

Sterndrives do need regular maintenance and a strict schedule should be followed. With sterndrives, spending a little money regularly will definitely save you big money in the long term. So, while you are sorting out the fishing tackle let the boys at Outboard & Stern Drive Services take care of the heart of your boat.

Nigel and his team are here to help. Here are a few tips on looking after your sterndrive.

  • Service your sterndrive every 12 months. Change oils, anodes, gaskets, etc., which will require a haul-out or slipping.
  • Replace bellows and clamps every 12 months. Ignoring this maintenance task is one of the traditional causes of expensive sterndrive failure.
  • Re-apply the antifoul coating every 12 months. The antifouling used on the sterndrives does not contain copper due to sterndrives having a cast aluminum housing. Its performance is limited so do not expect it to perform as well as your hull coating.
  • Inspect and replace the cathode and anodes on a regular basis. If you are going through them at a high rate, you may have other corrosion issues at play (covered in previous articles).
  • Keep the sterndrive clean from marine growth. Using it regularly takes care of this, otherwise, have a diver clean it down. (Take care when using a scraper in and around the rubber bellows).
  • Never leave the sterndrive trimmed up in the water for an extended period of time. In this position, marine growth on the stainless ram can damage the seals to the ram cylinder.

Call Nigel at Outboards & Sterndrives to arrange your regular service schedule.

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