Outboards are no different regular maintenance and a strict schedule should be followed this will make sure you have days of reliable boating. Nigel and his team of technicians have the expertise to inspect and care for your outboard to ensure it performs at its optimum level each time.

Nigel and his team are here to help. Here are a few tips on looking after your outboard.

Before Heading Out

  • Always check the oil level before you start.
  • When your engine starts, always take a moment to listen for any unusual sounds; and check that the water to cool the engine is flowing freely.
  • Take a moment to check that all bolts and fastenings are tight and the engine is secured to the boat.

When you are Back

  • Always allow the engine to cool before carrying out any maintenance yourself.
  • Always thoroughly rinse off, or flush out salt water with clean fresh water.
  • If you're storing the engine for a long time, disconnect the battery and drain any fuel that's left in the tank.
  • If your Outboard is for commercial use, long hours of work may determine more frequent maintenance checks.

Every 12 Months give Nigel and the boys a call to book your service.

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